About HRO-SA

HRO-SA was founded in 2005 by Donovan Van Loggerenberg as a reseller of Amateur Radio equipment. As a Radio hobbyist of some 20 years standing, he soon noticed a business opportunity for a communications service provider in the commercial radio market that focuses on a high level of quality and service.

Starting with a single repeater on the Ladys Slipper Mountain on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, HRO-SA soon grew to add repeaters in Port Elizabeth Central and Grahamstown. There are currently 5 repeaters available for customers to choose from.

In March 2012 HRO-SA moved into new premises in the Sherwood Shopping Centre in the suburb of Sherwood, Port Elizabeth.

HRO-SA caters for amateur, commercial, marine and aviation communication requirements. We offer radio equipment, accessories and fittings for all applications – hobbyists, 4×4 enthusiasts, security guards, events organisers, skiboats, private and commercial pilots, Search and Rescue teams, the list goes on and on…

In mid-2010 HRO-SA achieved another milestone by installing the first IDAS Digital repeater in the Port Elizabeth area. Installed on Lovemore Heights in the centre of Port Elizabeth, this repeater brings the very latest digital communications technology to our customers. During 2011 the IDAS repeater fleet was expanded to include a second repeater at Lovemore Heights, as well as an IDAS unit at Lady’s Slipper offering digital coverage to the West of Port Elizabeth.

HRO-SA focuses on a high level of support, and provides quality products and services. All our repeaters use state-of-the-art equipment, and are installed to high specifications. Repeaters undergo regular maintenance, and any components showing signs of wear are immediately replaced, resulting in very few problems.

Working out of a shop in Sherwood, Port Elizabeth, HRO-SA is a rapidly-growing and vibrant company that is fast made inroads into the communications market in the Eastern Cape as a provider of quality equipment, service and advice